Advantages of Inserts

Why You Should Get a Fireplace Insert

Have you ever dreamed of having one of those Friday night, outdoor patio dinners? Just imagine you and your family plus a few of your closest friends come over your place for dinner. You enjoy good food, good company and a great evening view of the outdoors. You can even throw in an outdoor movie for everyone to enjoy.

Well, based on our experience here at Top Hat Outdoor Living, this kind of dinner experience can be made into a reality. Yes, you have a patio, and you also have an outdoor fireplace but there is one thing more. It is also a good time to consider getting a fireplace insert, and here are a few reasons why:

Pushing a button and having a fire is convenient, but it is also energy-efficient.

Pushing a button and having a fire is convenient, but it is also energy-efficient.

1.       You can save a lot – choosing to get a fire insert installed saves you a lot of money by lessening your energy expenditure. Because of the efficient wood-burning heating system, you get to effectively keep your home, in this case your patio, warm without having a crazy electric bill. So you get to save yourself a lot of money without compromising the comfort and warmth of your household.

2.       They’re hassle-free – another major reason why a lot of homeowners are getting inserts installed in both their indoor and outdoor fireplace is the fact that inserts generally are easier and faster to install compared to having your old fireplace remodeled. Plus there’s also the added bonus that, compared to remodeling, installing inserts is relatively cheaper.

3.       They’re more efficient – it is now an established fact that fireplace inserts are much more efficient compared to the open fireplaces. The old kind of fireplace resulted to a lot of wasted energy and quick-burning fires. On the other hand, the fireplace inserts come with an airtight door system which allows for a slower burn and therefore, lesser energy wastage.

4.       They look nice – practicality aside, another reason why we should definitely get a fireplace insert installed is for its aesthetic properties. You have the option of the look and feel that you want to have. There are a wide variety of designs that are available for you to choose from.

Why settle for wishful thinking when you can make your dream dinner become a reality? You and your family can enjoy and make unforgettable memories while staying warm and cozy. You can have this and more if you decide to get that fireplace insert installed. So what are you waiting for?