Advantages of a Woodfire Oven

If you want to make crispy crusted, mouth watering pizzas, then we suggest you have an outdoor woodfire oven installed. Call us now!

If you want to make crispy crusted, mouth watering pizzas, then we suggest you have an outdoor woodfire oven installed. Call us now!

It’s no secret: We are huge fans of woodfire ovens here at Top Hat Outdoor Living. For many of our outdoor kitchen clients in the Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, Tennessee, areas, the woodfire oven becomes the centerpiece of their outdoor living space. Not only are they extremely functional—capable of cooking up delicious pizzas, breads, and basically anything else you can imagine—but they’re also durable, beautiful, impressive structures built of masonry. Also known as “wood ovens,” “pizza ovens,” or “bread ovens,” woodfire ovens also add value to your home and really do transform your patio or garden into a beloved extension of your home. For many foodies and cooks, there is simply no substitute for the taste and tradition of a cooking oven that uses wood fuel.

How a Woodfire Oven Works

Woodfire ovens are available in both cast refractory and brick. They have three main components—the floor or hearth, the dome above the hearth, and the oven opening. To use one of these ovens, you must first light a fire to heat up the inside of the oven. During this stage of cooking the oven gets extremely hot—sometimes even more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is called the “firing” stage, after which you will no longer heat the oven, instead allowing it to cool over several hours or even days.

You’ll then push the ash and red hot coals to the outer parts of the oven (or sweep them out) to make room for the food you’ll put inside to be cooked. There is no steady temperature with a woodfire oven, as you can expect with a more traditional oven. Because the oven begins very hot and then gradually cools, slowly and evenly releasing heat over time, you will need to plan out what to cook when, depending on the varying temperatures the oven reaches.

The Ultimate Foodie Must-Have

It can be said that having a woodfire stove built at your home will be the beginning of a new lifestyle for you. If you’re a foodie or just look to cook, your woodfire oven will encourage you to add new flavors to your cooking and may change the way you feel about food forever. Many of our customers love that the way their woodfire oven helps them connect with traditional cooking styles. And there are certain things—pizza and bread chief among them—that are just best from a woodfired oven.

Many woodfire oven cooks like to experiment with the different tastes imparted by different woods. Dry hard wood works best—think oak, almond, fruitwood, walnut, avocado, olive, or pecan, while pine and spruce are too resinous to work well in a woodfired oven.

Also, please remember that wood-fired ovens don’t have to be outdoors. We can also install one inside your kitchen, taking your kitchen from ho-hum to dream kitchen. Just think how much more warm, functional, and inviting your kitchen would be with a wood fire oven. In addition we are happy to do woodfire oven installations in commercial settings, including for caterers, pizzerias, bakeries, and restaurants.

Best Things to Cook in a Woodfire Oven

Woodfire ovens are extremely versatile and can accommodate most any food, but there are some foods that especially benefit from time spent in a woodfire oven. Some of our favorites are below:

  • Pizza—Woodfired pizzas are known for having the crispiest crusts. Crispy, chewy, and dotted with char, their crusts are best cooked when the ovens are at their hottest.
  • Breads—All kinds, from whole-grained to sourdough, sweetbreads, and Turkish breads cook beautifully in a woodfired oven over the course of 4 to 6 hours. Breads do best once the oven has cooled a bit.
  • Meats and Seafoods—Steak, turkeys, fish, and lobster are always huge hits right off a woodfire oven.
  • Vegetables—Flavorful grilled vegetables are superb when cooked in this way.
  • Pies and Other Desserts—A baker’s dream is to bake a pie the way they used to be baked. Pies and desserts are best baked at lower temperatures.

If all of this sounds great to you, and you’d like to learn more about the woodfired oven lifestyle, contact Top Hat Outdoor Living today. We’ll get you cooking as quickly as possible.

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