Creating Outdoor Spaces

Creating An Outdoor Space That Suits You, Uniquely

A one-size-fits-all outdoor space isn’t any more ideal than a one-size-fits-all home — we all have our own unique needs and expectations when it comes to both the inside and outside spaces we inhabit. That’s why we specialize in custom outdoor living spaces at Top Hat Outdoor Living. We don’t just want to help you improve your outdoor space (though that’s certainly part of our aim). We want to help create the exact outdoor living area you envisioned, whether it’s a simple and cozy nook that lets you cuddle up by a fire, or an expansive outdoor cooking area fit for a chef.

We know you have questions about what options are available to you. We have answers.

We know you have questions about what options are available to you. We have answers.

Some of the options we can walk through if you work with Top Hat on your outdoor living space:

A Patio That Suits Your Taste And Space

A home doesn’t look or feel finished without flooring, and an outdoor living space usually doesn’t look or feel finished without a patio to frame out and anchor it. If you plan to entertain or enjoy meals and togetherness outside, a patio makes that experience feel like a lot more than just sitting in the yard.

We work with different approaches and designs to help develop the perfect patio, whether it’s surrounding a pool or forming the base for your outdoor cook’s kitchen. We can go over the aesthetic and functional benefits of concrete and pavers, options for covering your patio (like a pergola) and how materials and designs fit into your budget and needs. At the end of the process, our aim is to deliver your vision, and to make you fall in love with your outdoor space.

An Outdoor Fireplace That Fits In Size And Design

We may be biased, but we think an outdoor fireplace really elevates an outdoor living area — makes it cozier, more comfortable and more beautiful. It also becomes a really strong focal point, so most of us want a fireplace that really exemplifies our taste, whether it’s something modern that carries through the aesthetic of the inside of our home, or a totally unique look that makes us feel like we were transported to a Tuscan olive grove.

At Top Hat Outdoor Living, we can design and build everything from a small and simple fire pit to an ornate fireplace with a prominent stone chimney and built-in seating around the sides. A custom fireplace gives you a chance to put a design stamp that really reflects your tastes — and we love turning those visions into reality.

An Outdoor Kitchen That Meets All Your Culinary Needs

If you love to cook, an outdoor kitchen can really enhance your life, from allowing you to stay among your guests while you cook (instead of running in and out of the house) to adding new tools to your arsenal, like a wood fired oven. At Top Hat Outdoor Living, we can outfit an outdoor kitchen with everything you need to have a perfect work and entertaining space, from a simple grill and cutting area to the whole works — refrigerator, dishwasher, even a wine cooler.

In terms of value, outdoor kitchens remain hugely popular with homeowners, and that popularity isn’t expected to slow down either — according to The American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, outdoor kitchens (and fire pits too) are still among the Top 10 Outdoor Design trends. So if you ever decide to sell, you know you’ve added something desirable (and something you’ve been able to love in the interim).

If you’ve been thinking about ways to make your outdoor living area more than it is — something that suits your needs to a T — Top Hat Outdoor Living would love to help you realize that vision. Just give us a call!





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