Dreaming Of An Outdoor Kitchen?

At Top Hat Outdoor Living, we specialize in taking our clients’ dream of a perfect outdoor kitchen and making it a reality.

There are different possibilities for your outdoor kitchen. Call us now and we'll help transform that picture in your head into the real thing.

There are different possibilities for your outdoor kitchen. Call us now and we’ll help transform that picture in your head into the real thing.

Your dream outdoor kitchen is going to be uniquely you – focused on the way you use it and the looks that you love. So our focus is to work with you every step of the way to get the details exactly right — to create an outdoor kitchen that doesn’t just suit your needs, but makes you feel overwhelmingly proud and excited to start planning some outdoor get-togethers.

The first steps toward bringing your dream outdoor kitchen to life come with a few key questions:

How Do You Plan To Use Your Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can be a mini version of your indoor kitchen, a complement to its function or a totally fresh set of tools to work with. It all depends on how you plan to use your outdoor living space.

Your plans will help Top Hat Outdoor Living outline an outdoor kitchen with the perfect functional approach for your needs. If you’re envisioning big friends-and-family gatherings with a lot more entertaining than cooking, we can outfit a kitchen suited for cold drinks, easy snacks and lots of seating, with a built-in icemaker and dishwasher to make everything easy.

But if you’re dreaming of cooking big feasts, we can help you design an outdoor kitchen that gives you lots of opportunities for culinary exploration. Top Hat can build a gorgeous woodfire oven that’ll let you produce perfectly crispy pizza crusts and bread. We can also build grill and cooktop space into a kitchen island that gives you even more options than you have inside. It’s all up to your vision!

What Do You Want Your Outdoor Kitchen To Look Like?

With the function worked out, you can turn your attention to the look, and Top Hat Outdoor Living can help guide you toward the aesthetic you want with materials that’ll hold up exceptionally well to weather’s effects.

Some of our clients want their outdoor kitchen to feel like an extension of their indoor space, with a design that either mimics or complements the look of the kitchen inside. Other clients want an outdoor kitchen to stand alone, with a feel and look that brings a totally different mood than their home’s design. We’ve added rustic-looking outdoor kitchens outside homes that had more of a clean and modern feel; we’ve brought the vibe of an Italian villa to an outdoor kitchen behind a historic Nashville bungalow.

If you give us a sense of the look you’re envisioning, Top Hat can guide you toward materials and finishes that can not only provide that aesthetic, but hold up through years and years of enjoyment.

If you’ve been thinking about turning your outdoor space into a dream outdoor kitchen, we’d love to help. Just give Top Hat Outdoor Living a call!


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