Need Room To Breathe? What About Your Patio?

You don’t have to build on a new room to add usable, enjoyable space to your home — if you have a patio, or the space to have one built, Top Hat Outdoor living can give you and your family some beautiful and functional room to breathe.

Your patio can become your most desired space in the entire house if you put together the idea of comfort with your imagination.

Your patio can become your most desired space in the entire house if you put together the idea of comfort with your imagination.

The great thing about re-imagining outdoor space or patios, too, is that you can custom-create a space that meets your needs to the letter. Are you a culinary obsessive dying to host elaborate cookouts without having to shuffle inside and outside over and over? A couple looking for a place to enjoy a romantic, fireside glass of wine? A big family that loves to host get-togethers? With the right design and the right touches, your improved patio can become your favorite part of the house.

A few different improvements to think about:

For Cooking And Eating

At Top Hat Outdoor Living, we routinely install fully developed outdoor kitchens, replete with refrigerators, sinks, cooktops, sleek countertops — nearly all the touches of an indoor kitchen. If you’re passionate about cooking, an outdoor kitchen offers a whole new world of fun. Not only can you keep on top of grilling or smoking while you’re entertaining, you can add special new tools to your arsenal, like a brick pizza oven.

If your needs hang a little more toward entertaining, and not so much cooking, you can design a kitchen that focuses more on those needs, with a covered eating area and space that’s more suited for serving. Our technicians know the best materials and appliances for outdoor use — ones that stand up to weather and look beautiful. We can help design and build your ideal outdoor kitchen.

Entertaining In Almost Any Weather

We’re lucky in Middle Tennessee — our weather might be fickle, but we can enjoy the out of doors most of the year (some particularly mosquito-friendly summer weeks, notwithstanding). With some aforethought in design, your patio can allow you to spend time and entertain in your outdoor living area even when it’s a little too hot, or a little too cold out.

Top Hat Outdoor Living technicians can build a pergola that buffers the sun, brings shade and takes the temperature down, while adding architectural beauty. We can install outdoor fans that hold up to the elements for years of breezy enjoyment. We can design and install a covered roof that completely keeps out the rain, or screen in a patio to keep out annoying summer bugs.

A well-designed patio can help you make the most of mild(ish) Tennessee winters, too. We specialize in designing and building outdoor fireplaces and firepits, from gas to wood-burning, which can bring warmth and gorgeous ambience during the cooler months. Outdoor fire features offer so much flexibility, too — we’ve built everything from simple fire pits for families who want to get in a little s’mores time to massive, ornate fireplaces that mimic the design of a home and become the focal point of the whole yard.

Take a look at our online portfolio to get a sense of what we’ve created for other clients, and what we can do for you!

If you’ve been thinking about re-imagining your patio or outdoor space, give Top Hat Outdoor Living a call — if you let us know how you want to use your outdoor space, we can make that vision happen!

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