Options For Your New Patio

The are so many available options for your patio. It's up to you to dream it up and we'll definitely make it a reality.

The are so many available options for your patio. It’s up to you to dream it up and we’ll definitely make it a reality.

Adding thoroughly usable, enjoyable living area to your home doesn’t have to mean adding to the interior — with a well-done patio, you can add space to entertain, dine, cook and make the most of those bursts of perfect weather we get in Middle Tennessee (even if they do come in unpredictable fits and starts).

At Top Hat Outdoor Living, we specialize in taking our clients’ vision of a perfect patio and bringing it to life, whether it’s just a simple area for grilling or a totally decked-out outdoor living space that quickly becomes your favorite part of your home.

And although you’re probably thinking about adding a patio for your own enjoyment, there can be other added benefits, too. The 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects notes that patios are among the most popular outdoor additions – 97.7 percent of respondents chose them among the most popular features with homeowners and buyers. So if you think you may sell your home at some point, your patio gives buyers another reason to fall in love.

Choosing Details For Your Perfect Patio

If you’ve decided to add a patio, that’s the first decision of many you’ll make in this process. But our goal at Top Hat Outdoor Living is to make the whole process of choosing options and fine-tuning your vision as easy and fun as possible.

A few of the options we can talk about:

Overall Design

The aesthetic of your patio can bring the look of your home’s interior outside, or it can bring a totally different look, setting off your modern home with something more rustic, or vice versa. And whatever you’re leaning toward, the Top Hat staff can deliver — we’ve created everything from sleek patio spaces with well-appointed outdoor kitchens to cozy Tuscan-inspired hideaways. Just talk with us about what you’re envisioning!

Concrete Or Pavers

Depending on your budget and aesthetic preferences, you might be thinking about a simple concrete patio or something a little more detailed, built with pavers. In either case, we can create something beautiful, from stained concrete to eye-grabbing stone paver work.

Covered Or Uncovered

You may want a bright and open patio, or you might want a little protection from the sun or the weather — your needs and expectations will dictate whether or not you want to explore the possibility of a covered patio. And we can add everything from a completely covered roof to a beautiful pergola that adds shade but still leaves the patio area airy.

Added Features

How do you plan to use your patio? If you’re passionate about cooking, Top Hat Outdoor Living can broaden your culinary options, from adding a wood fire oven for perfect pizzas and bread to a fully rendered outdoor kitchen, with everything from ample prep space to a refrigerator and dishwasher. If you’re looking more for entertaining and gathering space, we can design and install a fire pit or outdoor fireplace that makes a perfect centerpiece for outdoor parties, or design built-in outdoor seating that provides comfortable space for your family and friends.

Options for your new patio are truly only limited by what you’re dreaming up — talk with Top Hat Outdoor Living about your perfect patio, and we’ll help make it a reality!