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Woodfire Ovens


Sometimes masonry wood fired ovens are referred to as outdoor pizza ovens because they are great for baking pizzas. However, that’s not all they are great for! The fact is that you can bake just about anything in this type of oven, just as you can in a more traditional oven.

All of these wood-burning ovens have a chamber that consists of a floor (also known as the hearth), a dome above it, and an oven opening, where you can place whatever you would like to cook.

There is a firing stage where the fire is lit to heat up the inside of the oven. The ash is pushed to the outer parts of the opening so the item you are baking or cooking can be placed inside. Unlike your modern oven, a masonry wood fire oven is typically heated only once (during the firing stage) and gradually cools over a period of hours or even days.

What to Expect

The first thing to expect right after the firing stage is a very hot oven! It can reach temperatures of above 1000° F. You will want to plan what you cook over time as the heat will slowly fall throughout the day or even days. This allows you to bake multiple loaves of bread or any other food that can be cooked in a conventional oven, as long as you plan for the differing temperatures that will drop over time.

Many families use these ovens to cook bread, host pizza parties, or even cook entire meals. It really is a great way to experiment with all types of foods, from meats and vegetables to fantastic desserts. We would love to hear your thoughts as to why you would like one of these beauties to be part of your outdoor kitchen. We already know why we love them. Can you say homemade bread?

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