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The word “patio” originated in Spain and simply means ‘courtyard’. It referred to the space in the center of many Spanish homes, as well as the fore-yard and backyard areas. The meaning is the same today. However, patios are rarely ever the same.

With all of the choices today in hardscaping, as well as the different sizes, shapes, covers, or lack thereof, we know each one will be an original. Once we know what your vision is, we can make it happen.

To Pave or Use Pavers

One of the first things to consider when constructing an outdoor patio is whether to pave the area with concrete or use pavers to lay out a pattern. While concrete is sometime chosen because it is less expensive, many people don’t like the way it looks once it’s finished. However, with the advent of stained concrete, this option has some wonderful possibilities that have not always been available. Ask us what we can do for your concrete slab that will make it pop.

You can also choose to use traditional pavers or slab stone to create a unique and beautiful patio. There are many different hardscape materials available today to fit with almost any budget. Check with us and find out what we can do to make this a reality at your home.

Other Things to Think About

Here are a few other things to think about as you plan for your outdoor space and patio:

  • Is the patio going to be around water or a pool?
  • Will the patio be covered, or exposed to the elements, including sunlight?
  • Will there be steps?
  • How will the patio coordinate with what is inside my home? Should it look the same, or completely different?
  • Do I need to work with a designer? If so, who does this type of work? Interior Designers? Architects? Landscape Designers?

All of these are great questions and the answers may be different, depending on the project. We can help you answer them when you contact us to tell us more about the project you have in mind.

Where We Work

We work with clients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Murfreesboro and north to Hendersonville, Gallatin and even up to Bowling Green KY. For the opportunity to design and create a beautiful patio we will come to you no matter where you live in Middle Tennessee. Just give us a call and we will get started.


See our portfolio for great design ideas and proof of our commitment to quality. You can rely on Top Hat Outdoor Living for professional design and quality workmanship.

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