Protecting Outdoor Furniture in Winter

Keeping Your Outdoor Furniture Looking Good

Winter is just around the corner and the long freezing days and nights will most definitely affect your outdoor furniture if you don’t pay attention to it.  It is the time of year again to make sure that just as your skis and fur coats are ready to welcome winter, so should your patio sets.

Patio furniture come in all shapes and sizes and are always fascinating to look at. Aside from their aesthetic contribution to our homes, they allow us to have outdoor moments where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy our surroundings. They are mainly made for outside use, so it is important that they can withstand different types of weather conditions – even during the coldest of winters.

All outdoor furniture, no matter how well-built needs special care during the colder months.

All outdoor furniture, no matter how well-built needs special care during the colder months.

They say everything comes with a price and this type of outdoor furniture is no exemption. Its durability and strength to be able to withstand direct heat from the sun and even cold temperatures makes it worth every penny. They are quite pricey so only a few people have the luxury of owning these items. For an average person, buying a commodity like this can only happen when there is an excess in the budget set for the entire year. It takes time to plan and save for patio furniture. Although they seem like something we can live without – like a want more than a need – these objects somehow represent each person’s uniqueness, style, and creativity. They add flavor to your homes and your surroundings. This is exactly why people feel the need to get their very own patio furniture. And knowing how expensive they are, it is a must to take good care of it so that it can last for years to come.

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In order for you to make sure that there is utmost protection for your well-loved furniture you must follow these tips to assure that it is kept safely with no molds, no damage and no moisture so that when spring comes, it can once again be enjoyed, marveled at, and appreciated.

The covers of your patio furniture are very important. There are certain factors that need to be considered. There should be no moisture. Covers should allow furniture to breathe while it stays in hiding for a very long time. Before attempting to use specific covers for your furniture, clean it very well with special carwash solution. Do this to each and every parcel it has. Wipe gently to dry then use an effective sealant afterwards.

Cushions can be hand washed or can be done by using a washing machine. Either way, you just have to make sure that they are completely dry so that when they are kept and put in plastic bags, no molds will appear.

In storing these items whether inside or just outside, there are some things to consider. For example, teak or rattan wooden furniture are heavy and hard to carry and can occupy so much space in the house. This can be left outside considering there are thick winter-proof covers that can shield it from freezing temperatures. This should be done with aluminum pieces as well. Softwood can go either way. Plastic tables and chairs and wicker furniture need to be taken inside. This type of furniture will not be able to endure the cold winter nights.

Doing these tips can save you a lot of money, effort and time. It’s our nature to take care of the things we painstakingly worked hard for with the sweat of our brow. Since you invested much on your piece of furniture, you should see to it that it will give you your money’s worth.  What better way to do that than to take good care of it.


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