Ready for an Outdoor Fireplace?


What are my outdoor fireplace options?

Outdoor fire places are becoming more and more popular in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas. That’s no surprise—we’ve got a great climate that enables us to enjoy the outdoors a lot more than people in many other parts of the country. At Top Hat Outdoor Living, we’ve got knowledge, experience, and a great portfolio to show how we can transform your backyard into a gorgeous escape. We’re great at installing a fireplace that you’ve already picked out, or we can help with the project from the ground up—design, fireplace installation, the whole works.

There are many things you'll need to consider when looking at adding a fireplace outside. One concern is - how much space do you have?

There are many things you’ll need to consider when looking at adding a fireplace outside. One concern is – how much space do you have?

Here are a couple of the options you’ll encounter as you start looking for the best fit for your outdoor fire.

Enclosed fireplaces: You’ve got lots of options when it comes to enclosed outdoor fireplaces. First of all, they can be either gas or wood. Gas is a great option if you have access to a gas line. Gas is less expensive to use and is much easier to use and keep clean. You’ll also have choices when it comes to the style—there are free-standing units or those that are built into a landscaping design, such as a patio or wall. Enclosed fireplaces can be made of many types of materials, like stucco, stone, rock, cement, brick, and more—depending on the look you want.

Fire pits: As with enclosed fireplaces, you’ve got some choices here as well. Fire pits can be built into patios or tables, and are usually built into the ground, surrounded by your choice of stone or tile, as well as other flame-resistant materials. Fire pits can make a lovely addition to a patio design, and can either have a gas line that runs to them or be used for wood. Fire pits usually will need a screen cover to trap sparks.

If you’re looking for help designing an outdoor fireplace and patio landscape, installing a fireplace, or both, I think we’re the fit for you. With us, you’ll have the assurance that the result will not only be beautiful, but that it will also be in compliance with safety codes. We’re certified by the CSIA and NFI, just like the chimney sweeps at our sister company, Ashbusters. So give us a call when you’re ready to start building your outdoor dream space! 615-267-0565

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